Salesforсe Community Sites

2 years ago the Salesforce company, the world’s number one provider of leading-edge CRM solutions, has launched a new product under the name of Lightning. Lightning represents an upgrade of the user experience platform (UX) to the next level. Since it has been launched, it enjoys a heavy promotional support on the part of the company-developer. It’s expected that during Dreamforce 2017, the event held by Salesforce every year, Lightning will again be in spotlight.

Another Salesforce’s application - the Community Cloud – can, in principle, be applied to any community by easily displaying it. It also refers to a fellowship of co-workers within a company. With the help of this comprehensive solution, the employees can connect with each other, get access to various apps, share tasks and act respectively. They can also benefit from such a feature of the Community Cloud as an immediate availability of its mobile version, through which they can work with this platform from any mobile device. Additionally, the company - purchaser can have this application branded right away.

What to start with: Migration strategy development

The migration of different groups of people to another platform is not only a question of technical execution. In order to get the outcome for the sake of which the migration has been undertaken, it’s worthwhile to weigh out certain aspects prior to taking any actions. Sometimes, due to overlooking some important factors when planning a migration, instead of bringing the expected outcome, it may contribute to a destruction of the association which has been built with such a huge effort. A thorough planning will prevent a pulsating community from fading away after the migration.

In the first place it’s necessary to determine what community components and to what degree need to be preserved during the migration. These key elements include:

  • Community presentation– the appearance of the site, the impression it produces, its navigation tools and structure

  •  Identity of its participants – retaining the profiles created by the community members and the rating they have achieved over time through participation in joint activities
  •  Community artifacts – maintaining the continuity of discussions, saving files, photos and videos which comprise the features like Links and @mentions.