Fairsail - Jira Integration

Integrating Fairsail Workflows with Jira Flows. Trigger Creating Jira Tickets By Different Fairsail Processes.

Fairsail is an application specifically developed to meet the HR department requirements, including talent management, employee performance measurement and carrier planning as well as improving the employees’ skills and competencies. It also enables the HR managers to keep the employees’ records more efficiently. As a performance evaluation tool, it allows monitoring progress and collecting objective data on achieving targets. Fairsail provides a ‘common currency’ for appraisal reviews, rendering the process more standardized and homogeneous across the entire organization. This application enables you to manage your team’s development in a better way by conducting assessment of skills and performance as well as designing talent and development plans.  

Fairsail and Salesforce you use are meant to work in close interaction.

The introduction of a new Cloud-based HR platform will result into an intelligent and far-sighted overall personnel management.