Integrate Google Maps Into Your Salesforce Software


How To Integrate Google Maps Into Your Salesforce Software 

There are frequent inquiries on the part of customers who are wondering whether it’s possible to customize Salesforce the way that it shows the address in Google Maps in a lead profile.

A standard Google Maps address can be displayed in the respective field but this will only be a static image.

As certified in-house software developers of Salesforce, Forceoft can undertake the task of developing a customized location picker for your enterprise where you’ll be able to view all relevant information in one window. Not only the street on the address in question but also the closest organization of a certain type, like a drug store, a bank, a supermarket etc., can be shown to you by default or as an option with an empty cell where you can type in your search criteria.

We can also incorporate animations and different style of markers.

  • The address of an Account, Contact or Lead as well as of any object in question can be shown on the map
  • After clicking on the marker, a window with detailed information, including the formatted address, will open.

Forceoft will be glad to provide you with these tailor-made solutions.