Integrating and Salesforce

HOW TO INTEGRATE DESK WITH SALESFORCE is a product by Salesforce designed to be a helpdesk solution for small businesses. As a member of the Salesforce software family, can be easily integrated in it, thus, enhancing the ability of your enterprise to communicate with the outside world and equipping your team with a tool to quicker and more efficiently respond to requests of the company’s customers. The synergy may work two ways and you can choose the one which is more relevant. Should you require the data to be synchronized between Desk and Salesforce, you should think of applying Desk Connect.

A simple-to-install integration would allow you benefiting from the following advantages of bi-directional synchronization:

From to -

1.              Go through customer information.
2.             Apply relevant business rules based on available information.
3.             Enable the sales and the customer support teams working closely together, thus servicing customers better. 
4.             Make use of leads and contacts from the existing support cases.
5.             View accounts as well as contact details and lead data.
6.             Establish and run business rules based on inputted and saved data.

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7.            Review transactions by customer, both the closed ones and those in progress.
8.            Make new support entries.
9.            Add comments to existing support cases enabling interaction between two systems or teams.