PDF documents

Generate, Preview, Send by Email Word and PDF documents

The PDF application is a popular tool used to draw up reports and other papers.

More and more businesses introduce PDFs as a handy application to manage their sales and marketing activities.
Also this instrument helps the team members in handling leads, seeing new opportunities and winning contracts by effectively managing all accompanying data in-house. However, most often PDFs are used to exchange information with customers outside the company.

Salesforce.com helps you save time and effort when creating PDF documents – you only need to add the renderAs="pdf" attribute for the <apex:page> component.

Force.com enables you to produce RDF reports in many ways. The most effortless one is to utilize the 'RenderAs' attribute on a Visualforce Page. At the same time, you can take advantage of readily available PDF document templates.  The existing samples can be successfully used in a number of standard situations but for special situations Forceoft, a team of certified software developers of Salesforce, can help you create PDF or Word versions as per your own templates customized according to your needs, which you can then distribute to customers or colleagues in other departments.