With the help of SnapEngage the organizations that already use Salesforce CRM can have a state-of-the-art solution in terms of care of their website customers.

SnapEngage makes new support requests visible to your customer care team straightaway in Salesforce CRM.

Take a chance to generate new leads automatically and keep record of communications with visitors of your website.

Use this tool to open new cases adding relevant debug details and screenshots of the issue.

Make use of live chat minutes that are by default attached to respective support cases.

SnapEngage Description

Having the chat feature – both external and internal - available, SnapEngage provides an excellent functionality for companies which aim at enhancing their customer support ability. Like Talkdesk, SnapEngage is easily installable and can support more than 25 integrations, which enables customization of the chat setup as per the team’s specific needs. Also the built-in analytics enable detailed monitoring of their performance as the company grows. On top of it, a multi-language interface allows your agents providing the world-wide support in their mother tongues. In summary, for a better interaction with your clients the integration of Talkdesk and SnapEngage is an absolute must!

The payback of such integration is in the following:

  1. The overall picture of your customer at a glance

The majority of our end-users use at least three channels to communicate with the company’s clients - Talkdesk, a helpdesk support and a CRM system. Thanks to a fusion of all these tools it’s possible to make this interaction all-round and to the point. The company representatives will have at hand all the contact records, be it chats, phone conversations, emails, help requests or support cases, accessible in one interface. This allows them to have a bird eye view of the customer needs empowering them to render a better service.

2. Higher performing support providers

360 degree customer information coupled with the key features of this integration brings customer support to a whole new level. The types of issues a customer had in the past, his/her contact person before and the history of purchases are made instantly available, thus increasing the level of the specialists’ professionalism and ability to solve problems. Besides, this rich customer data is respectively streamlined as the agents’ workflow with the help of the new integration. At the beginning of a new chat, the contact details of the visitors are automatically uploaded into Talkdesk and, when it’s over, the transcript is displayed at Talkdesk. So, those responsible for the customer support can utilize this functionality for better interaction with customers.

 3. User-friendly data processing

The simultaneous use of Talkdesk and SnapEngage contributes to an easier retrieval of the customer lists created as a result of the chat sessions on SnapEngage and the access to chat protocols by the means of the Talkdesk interface. All this enables the agents to achieve the highest possible results in serving the clients.

4. Trouble-free configuration

It’s easy to ‘marry’ Talkdesk and SnapEngage. For setting up you don’t have to do any programming, all you need is to enter your account details and the integration process will be done by itself. To find out more about how it works click here.